MULTIPÔLE’s values

  • Esprit de famille Family spirit Reflecting a fallible culture and dimension
  • Passion Respect for human values Providing human support
  • Entraide Mutual aid Promoting mutual support and solidarity
  • Disponibilité Availability Accompanying you with attentiveness and responsiveness
  • Bienveillance Caring Welcoming and encouraging individual success
  • Passion We are professionally and passionately involved

Multipôle’s commitments

Expérience – Nous connaissons votre secteurExperience

Experience – We know your industry

“We want to make European temporary work a key factor for development in all sectors with a shortage of resources.”

We want to make European temporary work a key factor in the development of all sectors where there is a shortage of resources. Coming from the agri-food sector, we observe that there is a lack of labour in many sectors of activity, penalising the production capacity of organisations. Based on our experience, we apply our expertise to the specific specificity of your recruitment challenges in the industrial and construction sectors and construction sectors to the specificities of your recruitment challenges in the food industry.

Accompagnement – Nous accompagnons les intérimaires et les entreprises dans le recrutementSupport

Support – We support temporary workers and companies in recruitment

“We make our human accompaniment, both on a personal and professional level, the guarantee of a successful partnership, the guarantee of a successful partnership.”

As the preferred contact for both companies and temporary workers, we provide strong human support to ensure that the temporary work experience is a success for everyone. In close contact with our temporary workers, we create the with our temporary workers, we create the conditions for them to be satisfied with their their assignments. In close contact with our clients, we ensure a rigorous follow-up of the integration of temporary workers and the smooth running of their assignments.


Fidélité – Plus de 90 clients nous font confianceLoyalty

Loyalty – More than 90 customers trust us

“We want to find solutions for our customers in the long term. Our reward? Their trust”

At MULTIPÔLE, we make the quality of the integration of our temporary integration of our temporary workers an essential lever for the success of our mission. To achieve this, we have to do this, we have developed a customer approach aimed at understanding each job, each position. And we accompagny, right up to the day they take up their jobs. Our temporary workers take up their jobs. We believe we owe this presence and to this presence and involvement, we believe we owe part of the trust placed in us by 170 clients in the food, industry and construction sectors.

Our team

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