The sectors of activity


The agri-food sector

MULTIPOLE was created in 2015 to meet the production and flexibility needs of several companies in the
food sector. It is thus in contact with the strong requirements of the food industry that MULTIPOLE has developed a culture of listening and reactivity with a quality of service recognised as exemplary.


The building sector

In the construction sector, companies are also facing major difficulties in recruiting. There is a lack of candidates and recruitment is becoming rare, to the point that the sector’s players are looking for new solutions… MULTIPÔLE is experienced in the recruitment of willing and operational European personnel and assists companies in meeting their labour needs in the construction sector.


The industrial sector

Faced with a critical labour shortage, the industrial sector is experiencing recruitment difficulties, particularly for production positions. In order to mitigate the risk of a slowdown in industrial activity, MULTIPÔLE has been able to transpose its experience of temporary employment in the food industry to the service of industry: we provide industry players in many trades with a versatile and immediately operational European workforce.

Why choose us?

By being present on the ground at all stages of recruitment and integration, MULTIPÔLE cultivates a trademark of human support and responsiveness.

This is how we create the conditions for success.

  1. We meet to determine your recruitment needs together
  2. We come to the site to study the scope of the positions to be filled
  3. We identify the best profiles in terms of their ability to fulfil the mission
  4. We physically accompany the staff to the site on the day they start work
  5. We create the material and administrative conditions to facilitate their availability for employment
  6. Our +
    • Availability and reactivity at all times
    • Customised training programmes
Bianca Temporary worker

I started our collaboration as a production operator in a poultry slaughterhouse. Multipôle trusted me and then offered me a permanent position in administration. I love what I do, and Multipôle allows me to achieve my full potential with passion and determination.

Camille HR Manager in the construction industry

I can rely on voluntary, courageous and available staff.

Ruslan Temporary worker

Multipôle gave me access to housing and a job in a company specialised in the food industry. Since then, I have joined this company under permanent contract and I am now Production manager. Even if the Multipôle team is very demanding, with a high degree of professionalism and seriousness, I would like to mention that the human side is a keypoint at Multipôle.

Yann Construction company manager

A capacity for work and a concern for customer satisfaction that are rare in the temporary employment sector.

Alexandre Site manager in the food industry

Multipôle listens to our needs. The assignments go very well with the temporary workers we take on.

Florin Temporary worker

I started as a Multipôle temp in a food processing company in 2019, which then offered me a permanent contract. This company has given me the opportunity to become a tutor with hierarchical responsibilities. The Multipôle team supported me and enabled me to progress. The company gives temporary workers the confidence to progress.

Sergiu Temporary worker

Multipôle listened to me and offered me a job as an electrician corresponding to my initial skill. I am very happy with my current job. When you come from a foreign country and you always get advice and a kind word from your employer, it is much easier. Thank you Multipôle.

Sophie HR Director in the industry

A company that listens to you, is responsive and professional. I recommend them 100%.

Puiu-Dumitru Temporary worker

I have been working with Multipôle since 2021 and I would like to say that I have not had any problems with this company. Since the beginning and until now, I have had a very good collaboration with Multipôle to solve all the problems I have encountered throughout this period until now.

Michel Agri-food plant manager

My labour needs are met by serious and committed staff.

Dominique Business Manager in the poultry industry

Multipôle is a group of people who is in line with our search for performance.

Corinne HR in a food processing plant

We have been working with Multipôle for several years now.
Thanks to their professionalism, they have now become a valuable and key partner.
In particular, we appreciate the human values of the Multipôle teams in their support of temporary workers. Regular updates are also provided in the production workshops.
The Multipôle agency listens to the company, is very reactive and supports us on a daily basis.

They trust us
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